Tuesday, June 2, 2009


You may have seen some of the recent news regarding our donated playhouse or our plans for the future museum's exhibit themes, but we have other popular exhibits as well. We've brought these to a number of events over the past year and a half.

- Seashells, Rocks & Fossils - A large varied collection donated by a former science teacher including a dinosaur footprint fossil, various types of corral, shark teeth, large quartz crystals, agates, and much more. At last year's Child Care Resource and Referral Fun Night, we had many of these on display including a fossil/seashell dig that was VERY popular with the kids.

- "Pipe" Organ - It's not every day you can use PVC pipes and a pair of flip flops to make music! See a picture of it here . The boxes of sand in front are from the sand dig at CCRR mentioned above.

- Farmer's Market - A miniature market where children can select play foods, "purchase" them, and prepare a pretend meal. This exhibit was recently part of the YMCA Healthy Kids Day.

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