Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Grossology exhibit at La Crosse Children's Museum

There is currently a "Grossology" exhibit at the La Crosse Children's Museum ( The description of the exhibit on La Crosse's website says "Grossology explores all the slimy, mushy, oozy, stinky, and gross (yet scientific) things that occur every day in the human body...Learn about snot, allergies, and more..." Sounds like a blast! One Rochester kid visited recently and especially enjoyed helping fill "Burp Man" with gas :) Anyone else been there? If so, please share your thoughts on this Blog or write to us at


  1. Sounds like something our kids would love! :)
    Do you know how long the exhibit will be there?

  2. Sorry I never responded to this comment!! It ran through May 24. Hope you caught it!